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July 14, 2014 • Writing

I don’t know. I find it hard to side with a publisher like Hachette. Years ago, I imagined publishers with their arms folded sitting 100 feet high on a pedestal, with agents sitting 50 feet high, both behind a 40 inch thick steel door kept locked by a 12 inch steel cylinder. I would stand… Read More ›

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My First Completed EbookNovember 11th, 2013
I will put my first Ebook on Amazon

The Background: Swamp Scene in Avoyelles Parish

The scene is a swamp in Louisiana, my home state. It is also the setting of my beloved story that I will finish one day, even if I have to take it up to Heaven in a folder with a pen. God would say, "you're still carrying around that thing?" I would nod my head and give him a humble blink, my pen and paper in hand. He would then ask, "so how are you going to get it to your audience when you're done?" I would gulp and give him another humble blink. Then I'd look down at my work and a grin would grow on my face . . . (you won't get it until after you read my book, once I do finish it. . .)

'MY' God.

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