Tears of a Novice

Yeah, I know it’s been a while.  I have been extremely busy, but I’ve been writing.  I work 14 hours a day most times, get home, do a little housework, write, then go to sleep and start all over again.  I am trying my best to get home from work at least 2-1/2 hours earlier.

Anyway, the reason for my title.  I have been working on polishing my draft for at least 4 months.  Writing it over and over and over, especially the first 8 chapters.  I even hired an editor just to read through it to make sure I am doing it right.  Finally, I felt I need to go ahead and send the 1st three chapters to an agent who requested to see it.

I attended the Writer’s League of Texas agent conference in June and met with an agent who really liked my pitch and wanted to hear more.  I described the characters, conflicts, major plot points, and the “new worlds” my characters are in.  She seemed to feel it was promising, so asked to see the 1st three chapters.

I didn’t send it right away because I wanted to (needed to) polish it some more.  I polished, and polished, then changed, then polished… until it was out of control.  I knew that if I didn’t send it end, I would stay in this perpetual closed circuit indefinitely.  So I  just stopped.  I copied it from MS Word, pasted it in the body of the email, then sent it to her.

I went off to work.  Out of curiosity, I pulled up the email at work just to browse through what I sent, and the font size was garbled.  There were 3 font sizes throughout the story.  I panicked and pressed plain text, and sent that one.  It sent the manuscript single spaced to her.  I didn’t realize it until too late.

I got home later, in despair, and decided I would figure out the problem.  That’s when I broke down and cried.  All of my hard work, hopes, dreams and everything possibly shattered by an email glitch that wasn’t my fault.  I imagined the agent just automatically rejecting the story because of the unprofessional format and impossible read.  The margins were off and went way across the page where you’d have to scroll from left to right for every sentence.  I balled and balled and balled.  Surely, I’m either going to be rejected because of that, or because I sent more than one email to her – which makes it seems like I’m stalking.

I had to decide, should I call?  Her website states, “do not call.”   Should I send another email with everything corrected?  You bet I was going to .  I’d rather take my chances by apologizing and hoping she would give me a chance, not penalizing me for the repeat emails.

In total, I sent her four emails in less than 24 hours.  All I can do now is pray, make promises to God, and wait.

So that’s where I am.  I just need her to read it.  If she reads it, I think she’ll like it.  Yeah, I may need a little editing, but I think I’m coming along as a good writer.

Until then,

Word of the day:  beguile

Inflected Form:beguiled ; beguiling

transitive senses
1 : to lead by deception
3 : to while away especially by some agreeable occupation;  also   : DIVERT 2
4 : to engage the interest of by or as if by guile
intransitive senses   : to deceive by wiles
synonyms see DECEIVE
–beguilement noun
–beguiler noun
–beguilingly  adverb

-credit- Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Thanks for reading.





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