Okay, So I’m Not a Writer


I have accepted the realization that I’m not a writer.  Not in the sense that I want to be considered.  I mean, anyone can write a story.    But to write a story or novel that intrigues many, is to be a WRITER.  I want to be a WRITER.

I am more of a  story creator.  I dream up story ideas, then plug characters in it, then nuture it  from plot to finish.  But with it only existing  in my head.  Once I have a story notion, I  get plot ideas from anything around me, a song, a statement made by someone in my presence, a situation on the news.  I carry the story around with me – to the store, on the car ride, on the plane ride.  I never think about my story at work.  I don’t want to get started with being distracted at work.

Besides, I’m not in my most creative mind at that time.  I don’t know when I am.  I need to figure that out.

I need to figure out a lot of things.  I’m stepping away from my  novel-in-progress for awhile and patching some parts of my life back together.  I had sacrificed working on other important things at home (cleaning up, for instance) for the time to work on writing.  I would like to have it where writing is incorporated into my daily routine (like brushing teeth, no a better example is – eating.)  If I could just eat a little less, and write a little more, I would be set.

Yeah, I eat on a whim, I write on a whim.  I don’t like that.  I should have a pattern of set, preferred eating times and set, preferred writing times.

To those joining me for the first time, my story was rejected………………………………………………..I feel like my story was treated like a writing assignment that got an F.

I’m going to study the craft, because I’m not really a writer.  I need to read — very hard for me, (don’t ask me to explain, no one would understand).    I’m going to practice, and practice until I’m good at it.  I’m not surprised now that I was rejected.  I hadn’t studied the craft enough.

So, WRITERS, you elite group, I’m going to join you one day.   Books on the shelves will be pushed aside to create a space for my book.  Or better yet, maybe it’ll be displayed on the end of the aisle in it’s own easel (or whatever those things are called).  My story will intrigue all who reads it.  No, it won’t be perfect, but it’ll move the reader, it’ll entrance the reader, it’ll  distance the reader’s imagination  further and further from the reality they know.

(meek)  I’m going to try.

WoRD of ThE DaY,

penchant (noun)  (French)

a strong and continued inclination;  broadly   : LIKING

from Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary


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