I Thought I Was Michael Jackson’s Biggest Fan

I thought I was Michael Jackson’s biggest fan.  I challenge anyone who thinks they have listened to Michael Jackson’s songs more than I have.  (I’m willing to bet I would have even beat him on that before he died.)   All through my child and adolescenthood – from about 11 until 17, I listened to the Jacksons music and Michael Jackson’s solo albums all night.  I had one of those old fashioned tape players that was about 7 x 10 and had the 4 large buttons (stop, rewind, fast forward, and play) and one red button (record).  There was a jack for headphones and I would listen to the music as I fell asleep.  If I woke up (usu sev. times briefly in the night), I would turn the tape over or rewind and push play, then fall back asleep.  That was every night!

I would say in the past 7 years,  most days out of a year (not all), I will have listened to a Michael Jackson song.  (Only 1 or 2 after the BAD album).  I wasn’t into his newest stuff.


I said all that to say this:  I saw a novel in the bookstore today, and the dedication was to Michael Jackson.   Now, I  am one of the mush minds who thought she could actually meet and marry Michael Jackson one day.  (I outgrew that at about 21.)  But I never once thought to dedicate my novel to him.  And I won’t.  Yes, he was very important to me – as an entertainer who, by way of his music and other talents, got me through the awkward years of  childhood.  But I have more important people to dedicate my work to – like family members, or even my pets who sat and listened to me complaining, who seemed to empathize with me.

Anyway, yes I love you Michael, but…


wORd oF thE DaY

prolixity (love this one!)

Main Entry:  prolix
Etymology:Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French prolixe, from Latin prolixus extended, from pro- forward + liqu*re to be fluid— more at  LIQUID
Date:15th century

1 : unduly prolonged or drawn out : too long
2 : marked by or using an excess of words
synonyms see WORDY
–prolixity \pr*-*lik-s*-t*\  noun
–prolixly adverb


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