Ready to Get Rolling Again! Yea! Draft 2

Hi Folks,   Loyal Folks!

I’m a new person.  Born anew.  After I had gotten rejected (my first and only one), I had become unplugged.  I have been “lost” for weeks.  Directionless.  My mind had been wandering aimlessly, not knowing what direction to take my story into.  My story I’m so in love with.   This story where my characters belong.

How was I ever going to REwrite my novel?  I was so committed and attached to the first draft.  Then the rejection and CRASHHHHH!

Finally, I have an idea.  I read the first chapter of one of Ernest Hemingway’s masterpiece’s and I’ve got it!  It gave me the idea, the direction.  That wheel in my head is turning and turning now. Whoopee!

I know where I want to start, and it is in a WHOLE new direction.

See ya.  Gotta get to work.

Jacqué D. Howard

worD oF ThE DaY


pungently pervasive *a poignant perfume*
2 a (1) : painfully affecting the feelings : PIERCING (2) : deeply affecting : TOUCHING  b : designed to make an impression : CUTTING *poignant satire*
3 a : pleasurably stimulating  b : being to the point : APT
synonyms see PUNGENT, MOVING
–poi-gnant-ly adverb

taken from Merriam Webster’s dictionary


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