The Monkey on My Back!

Cute monkey, huh?

Monkeys are cute, huh?  Especially that one in the pic with its unique face and coat.  Yeah?  Well he’s a subject of a phrase I gotta use – the monkeys on my back!

For me it is usually related to some drawn out task I’ve been procrastinating from doing  because I’d rather be doing something else.  It hangs on like a monkey clinging to my back, weighing me down.

Sometimes, for just a few moments, I will forget that this monkey exists and I’ll be out living the life of liberty.  I would be out on my freshly mowed lawn, standing amidst the wildflowers, arms stretched out, breeze fluttering past my ears.   I would be shuffling my feet, dancing to the passerby music.  Later I’d be humming an oldie while doing my grocery shopping, or screaming along with my favorite Whitney Houston tune on the radio while driving  – How will I KNOW … if he really loves me!

I would go into the shopping mall, my eyes roaming about at all of the latest fashions on display.  I would try on this and that.   I would stop at the eatery and grab a cheeseburger, fries, and a cookie then let an iced cold Coca Cola  freeze my teeth and sting my throat.  Out of pure greediness, I would go back to the counter and order a double scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone – and  I must have the butter pecan and the pistachio almond.  Oooh! Pistachio almond.  And, and and and the pistachio almond must be at the bottom.  Well. . .,  not really . . . either one would do; because I do like to crunch on the pecans with my last bites.   When I’m all done I’d lick my lips and my fingers and  forklift myself from the table, two pounds heavier, ready to  go on my way.

Then in an instant, my mind goes blank.

There’s something . . . something I’m supposed to be doing.   I can’t think of it.  Surely, I’m not this free.  I’ve been a thief – stealing  a good time for myself.   I’d had the audacity to mingle with what seems like the lucky people.  What is it that’s  left undone, that I really should be doing right now?

Then it hits me.   And immediately the monkey pounces right back onto my back, clutching with the tightest grip,  making that screeching nosie and nearly knocking me the hell over.   Who told you –   . . . get back to work!  All this time you’ve wasted! 

What is it, this task, you ask?

Does it matter?  It’s always something.  I fling one monkey off, and here comes another one, clinging just as tightly.  There have been some monkeys I’ve tossed aside, and refused to carry on my back, because I could care less one way or another.  But some tasks are mandatory.  I have no choice.  And you know what? I’ll do it.  I always do.  And I do want to do it.

Just not right now!

So anyway.  See ya.

“Say goodbye, monkey.”  [        ]  He says good bye.  Thanks for reading.



WoRd oF ThE dAy


1 : an incidental right (as a right-of-way) attached to a principal property right and passing in possession with it
2 : a subordinate part or adjunct *the appurtenance of welcome is fashion and ceremony— Shakespeare*
3 plural   : accessory objects : APPARATUS

*Taken from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary


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  1. I found this story really amusing, yet also sad at the same time! I sympathize with the character for his struggle of having a pressing “problem” constantly bugging him. I enjoy your writing style!

  2. I can completely associate (that’s not the word I was looking for but it will do) with this. Also, I love your tag line, “An attempt at blogging by someone who resisted it as long as she could”. That is very close to some of the lines I had on my list when I recently started my blog. Earlier today, I planned on writing an article about how I can’t write and your blog has inspired me.

  3. Yeah the tagline, thanks. Put that in line with Facebook and Twitter. The toys of the young generation. Why anyone would want to set themselves up for other timetakers beats me. (Well, I do now appreciate the networking benefits.) But I will not text! I will not do it! No, I won’t! Drag me while I’m digging my heels in on that one!

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