Time waster

I’m a time waster.  Is that a bad thing?  I thought so up until this moment.  Now I understand.  Why must time be considered spent useful only if I’m physically doing something.  For me, time is well spent if I am sitting idle with my feet up and just letting my thoughts flood out from their day long bondage.

If I want to just lie here and flip through channels, I am actually unwinding from a busy day – a warm-up like stretches for the brain (before I embark on my creativeness).

It’s a break!  Ever heard of that, people?  A break!  We deserve that sometimes.

So here now and forever more, I will not consider myself having wasted time.


Uh oh . . . Now I’m behind! . . .  I’d better get back to work!


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  1. Lovely and insightful…but my breaks tend to go on and on if I’m not careful. It is a problem.

    • Tis true. So do mine. Staying on schedule is a constant struggle for me and I never (yes, never) succeed. My time wasting periods are still a necessity for my survival. 🙂

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