Only Gravity

I’m fascinated from time to time with gravity.  You know those times when you’ve got nothing better to do (well, actually you do but you don’t feel like being bothered with it) so you sit there and think about phenomena?  Just me?   You know things like why are we here, i.e.  what’s the purpose of our existence, am I really here, or is all this my imagination.  Do you think about those things sometimes?

Anyway, I was sitting here on my computer.  I’m supposed to be studying, and I AM going to get to that after I finish this, but my lunch bag next to me just started moving.  I mean, moving like there was an animal in it or something, but slowly, and the crinkle of the bag was making a sound.  I stared at it suspiciously, ready to jump across the room if I needed to.  This was spooky.  Enough to where even my cats stopped what they were doing to look at it.  One of them was close enough and began encroaching toward it with his head ducked and his nose out.  The other one just stared wide-eyed.  That look always makes me nervous!

It wouldn’t be a total impossibility that a small animal could get into the house, because I live in a rural area.  No small animal has been in the house and made it out alive.  Okay, well a frog did once.   That day I had sat perched high on the headboard of my bed in fear as my cat ran the disgusting thing out of the house.  I’m glad he didn’t bite it, I didn’t want that yucky frog foam all in my cat’s mouth.

Anyway,  my two cats and I watched as the bag slowly stopped moving and just settled again into a still position.  I waited a minute, then boldly looked into it.  There was nothing but thawed out  thermal ice packs and a bag of Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips I had put in there about an hour ago.

Now, as much as I believe in God, Jesus, and the fourth dimension, I’m not willing to believe that they intimately come and move things around in any place (I would exhaust all scientific possibilities first, — although I do believe one of them takes my matching socks).

So my explanation was — gravity.  ONLY GRAVITY , an invisibility, can be present in your house, all window and doors closed, and cause something to move just out of the blue.   There probably has to be a precipitating factor at some point though, and in my case it can be from as long as an hour ago.

Yes, gravity did it.  Amazing how it  can just come into my house and move something around because I guess the bag wasn’t fitting into it’s rule of balance, or whatever it’s called.  Hope it’s satisfied.  It’s appears to be appeased with everything else.  Now I can settle down.  Now I can go study.

Thanks for reading
WorD of The DaY,

amaurosis   (as in amaurosis fugax)

: partial or complete loss of sight occurring especially without an externally perceptible change in the eye
–> amaurosis fugax means : temporary partial or complete loss of sight especially from the effects of excessive acceleration (as in flight)

taken from Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary


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