Darn It!

Seven years ago, when many readers and writers were focusing on vampires, zombies, and werewolves, I had my little story about the Dead.  I know vampires and zombies are dead, but I mean the real dead.  The real ones.  You know what I mean?

I actually had my story before Twilight became popular.  I remember my inner pride dissociating from my body as I stood there listening to a coworker telling me what the Meyer’s book was about.   She was practically telling my story, but as she went on, I realized that our stories differed far enough where my story still  had a great chance.

I don’t plan on reading Twilight, at least not right now.  I couldn’t if I wanted to (more later about the spell I inadvertently put on myself at age 14.)  — And no, I’m not a witch, I don’t think about witches.  It’s a psychological spell.  Many of us do it to ourselves.  One can psych  themselves into-

I’ll discuss that in another post.  The reason I’m saying darn it!  is because now the television networks are coming out with shows about the dead.  The DEAD is the highlight of their creation.  For instance, I watched American Horror Story last year and literally sat on the edge of my chair in eye-popping fear.  Fear that the show might have ideas similar to mine and would render my story (still a WIP) utterly useless and a copycat.  I survived the full season and was able to relax by the season finale, my story was still safe and original.

Now, today I just watched the pilot 666 Park Avenue.  Another story about the dead.  So, here I go again. Sitting here fishing and analyzing for any similarities and “stolen” ideas.  (Don’t give me that lecture, I already know it.) Anyway, although I think I’m okay, this one is a little bit closer to sharing similar themes.

Aside from that, more and more such stories are coming out, and so now I have to up the ante of creativity to get mine to stand out.  I don’t think it’ll be impossible, but it’ll be challenging, as if it isn’t challenging enough.  Maybe that’s what it takes.  But gosh, Stephenie Meyer sure made it seem easy.  Now JK Rowling, I can identify with her beginnings.

What’s taking me so long?  First of all, these kinds of stories are difficult to write, because it’s like creating a whole ‘nother world.  Setting the rules and getting the ‘forces’ to follow the laws of nature and all that jazz is fun, but challenging.  Plus, although a popular agent loved my story in verbal format  (she didn’t want me to stop when the time keeper came up to us), she rejected the chapters I sent to her (because my writing skill needs a lot of work. I know it.) Plus, I work full time.  Full-time for me is 60 hours a week.   So, I guess I need to find the time before someone does hit the central nerve of my story.

On that note –

Thanks for reading. (sigh)


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  1. it’s hard to do something that isn’t a little like somethign else. You just have to develop your own voice so the story is you. You’ll notice that Stephen King’s stories are pretty simple, but he finds a way to make them unique through his characters.

    • That’s a good piece of insight. A voice I do not have. I do have appealing characters (mostly). I probably do need to remove some subplots. I’m glad you brought up Stephen King, his Carrie might give me an example of how to bring a boring-type main character to life.

      • Sometimes the ordinary qualities of his everyday characters are what connect us to them so well.

        Good luck with your writing!

      • And as I read his first chapter of Carrie last night — it’s his vivid descriptions (of everything) that pull you in. BTW I visit the PFC site and read your Trashy Trailers. Your way with words is entertaining and carried me chuckling through to the end. Rarely can anyone make me open a video, I opened all of yours, esp. the last one at my own peril. You even sold me into listening to the songs of that singer from the 70’s, just to see what you were talking about.

      • Aw, thanks man. I’m you enjoyed the story. I’m trying to provide counter-programming this weekend for people who are sick of Ms. Sandy.

      • Yes, people are spending more time in front of computer instead of TV these days. So we need people with your talent. Stay safe, that Sandy sounds dangerous.

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