What scares you?

That's scary

That’s scary

Pardon me, I know it’s not Halloween, but if a few of you would indulge me on this topic I appreciate it.

I’m in the process of writing a novel that’s to have paranormal and horror elements.   In crafting my story, I noticed I’m leaving out the horror aspect.  Probably because I’m way out of my league on that.

I need elements that would instill fear in the readers – make them want to put the book down for a second and go check the windows and doors.  Perhaps make them check the closet one more time or even decide that reading it at night might not be a good idea.

I know there’s no one element that scares everyone, but if something horrifies enough people, that’s what I’m after.

What scares you?  Please share.

I’ll tell you what scares me:

1.  The thought

of being in a large abandoned building or on an abandoned school campus at night — especially with the sense that I am being followed.

2.  Penguins.  (If someone said that a small room had a tame penguin standing in it, would you go in there with it and close the door?)  Really, think about it.

One of these and YOU alone in room.  Courtesy big-animals.com

One of these and YOU alone in room. Courtesy big-animals.com

3.  Larger than life things.  For instance, those eyes in the sky in the picture for this post.    Or anything 10 times larger than it should be.  Even a large raisin, or a large eyeball.  Could you stand up against a large movie screen while it’s playing?  I know it sounds silly, but that’s frightening. . .

4.  Anything on the body (or elsewhere) that is the reverse of what it should be.  (E.g. Head rotated 180 degrees. Googly eyes.)  I once had a nightmare that my house was rearranged in a bizarre way — two doors were on one wall.  Refrigerator was plugged up and operating in the bathroom.  Toilet was in the living room.  A window was on the floor and I could see under the house.  My eyes seemed crossed, too.  I kept rubbing my eyes in the dream and get things to look right.  I kept trying to figure out why things were like this.  It seemed real.  I woke up horrified.

Things that don’t scare me:

Spiders, rats, or bugs crawling on a person, or in a room.  Bloody person doing anything.  A person chasing me with a chainsaw. (Not that I wouldn’t run.)  The sense of ghosts in my room or house.

What scares you?  Please share.


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  1. That’s interesting. I’m not afraid of penguins but am terrified of spiders and rats (just disgusted by most other bugs). I guess I’m easily taken in by the cute factor. 🙂

    What scares me more than anything is driving in Miami.

  2. Things that scare me:
    – something reach out from under the stairs and grabbing me as I walk up them late at night
    – someone breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night
    – little girls who smile/sing creepily

  3. Really feeling the body being somewhere it shouldn’t one – I’m terrified of knees snapping and bending the opposite way. And yes, definitely the dishevelled little girl/young woman gets me pretty bad, especially when she moves jerkily, kind of like a sick puppet.

    My sister, I know, was terrified when we were young of shining torches/flashlights into the sky at night, because the light just disappears into the void.

    To tell the truth, my big fear is fish. The way they move, they way the could feel, and how their eyes are on either side of their heads … it’s all probably part of it. Don’t like sharks either, of course – I can’t go swimming alone (honestly, it’s the truth – my parents think its hilarious), as I have a very overactive imagination. Sometimes I even rush to get out of the shower, cause my mind turns to teeth … not often anymore, though 🙂

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