Finally, My Main Character IS Somebody!

What a bore. . .

What a bore. . .

What a relief!  I finally like my main character.  No, I love my main character.   Before, through pages and pages of drafts, I hated her.  She was pathetic.  Writing her stuff (half the main story)  was extremely difficult.  I could not understand why I couldn’t proceed, why my scenes seemed unaccomplished, then I realized my main character was a brain sore to write about.  She was about nothing, did nothing, was too shy and pathetic to interest even her own chapter mates  (and this is coming from a writer who loves every character she creates).

Of course, I created the character that way, because well, that’s how I wanted her to start out . . . you know, shy.   How the hell did I expect readers to enjoy reading about the character if I didn’t enjoy writing about her.

I tried all ways up ’til Sunday trying to figure out how to make it work.   I even read Carrie by Stephen King just to see how he managed to do it with his pathetic main character.  It helped only a little.   My character needed to be  realistic otherwise.

Finally, I threw my hands up and changed her.  I made her less shy and more nonchalant and quick-witted.  She still doesn’t fit in, but now instead of being a wannabe, she’s more content being an outsider.  At least, at first.  Instead of having her running behind people by changing herself, I’m going to have her change on her own terms . . .  still have her feel okay with being an outsider . . .  meanwhile, other people begin to find  her appealing.    And voilà!  I’ve finished the first chapter… yay!

Oh, I just love her now!  Onward creative soldiers!

WOrD of tHe Day


1 : to run at the nose
2 : to snuff mucus up the nose audibly : SNUFFLE
3 : to cry or whine with snuffling
4 : to speak or act in a whining, sniffling, tearful, or weakly emotional manner
taken from Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary


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  1. Well done! I’m sure you’ll serve each other well 🙂

  2. Oooh, I really like this post! I had the exact same problem with my protagonist. She was weepy and pathetic and drove me nuts. And my solution was actually the exact same as yours — I made her a bit spunkier and a bit less weepy, and voila! A main character people won’t tear their hair out reading about!

    • Yeah, I noticed the common themes (I’ve read the first chapters of your book – I’m really liking the story BTW. It’s written very well and flows smoothly. Not choppy like mine can be on reread. I had reading to stop reading yours until I finish my first draft.) Anyway, the typical adolescent themes – fitting in, relationships, rebellion, are present in my book as well.
      I had an editor read the story a while back and at first she berated me for switching gears to a second protagonist (my story has two). Then when she read his storyline (which I thoroughly enjoy writing), she applauded how drawn she was to him and his goings on, and retrospectively admitted how bored she had been with the first protagonist – the female. Neither fit in with their respective peers. But I didn’t know how to fix her, because her story mattered too.

      • I … apologize for distracting you from your writing? Lol. Now, just spit-balling here, but if your second protagonist is so awesome … could you turn them into the main protagonist? Just hypothetically speaking 🙂

      • No distraction at all. I’m eager to get back to it (your novel, that is) and hope to do a formal review.

        Nah, thought about that. The switcheroo. No can do. I needed to bring her up to his level, although I don’t think her story will ever match his level of appeal. It’s like trying to match the appeal of cheerleading with the actual football game.

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