Belly Stuffed

Do you stuff yourself on holiday food?  I don’t mean at parties where you’ve got to be polite.  I mean the at-home family holiday meals.  I’ve only taken two bites out of my piled-up plate and I’m already thinking about the ‘seconds’ I’m going to get.  I’m thinking about the stove and which pots are situated where, and how much food I last saw in them.  There was plenty of cooked cabbage and plenty of black-eyed peas, plenty of stew meat and gravy, but not that much rice.  There was a whole pan of cornbread squares, so I know I’m gonna get me more of that, slaps some more margarine on it (gotta make sure the cornbread isn’t cold).

Just a couple of hours ago, I was planning my upcoming exercise regimen and the healthy, no so hearty meals I plan to have in my diet.  But today, none of that applies.  I feel like a bear about to go on hibernation.  I know it is a bit sinful to glutton after more than one’s share of food, but I don’t do this regularly.  I am a relatively skimpy eater (well, honestly I seek out to be, at least).

I always wondered if we as humans have that a bit of the hibernation instinct; because of the winters.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Jacque’ Howard


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