Amazon vs Hachette

amazonblogI don’t know. I find it hard to side with a publisher like Hachette. Years ago, I imagined publishers with their arms folded sitting 100 feet high on a pedestal, with agents sitting 50 feet high, both behind a 40 inch thick steel door kept locked by a 12 inch steel cylinder.

I would stand outside this door looking up at them with my dreams in my eyes, my manuscript in my hand, and hopelessness in my heart.  The only thing I could see when peering to the right or left of this door was a mass of readers — right at my fingertips. But I couldn’t reach them, just by an inch, because this door was somehow in the way.

Talk about bullying. Are the publishers accusing Amazon of bullying?   Well.   I don’t feel bullied by Amazon.  And not anymore by traditional publishers and agents.  I know agents mean well, and they try to help, but I must say, I am a little happier these days.

Amazon has been pivotal in creating this change that is now allowing writers to realize their dreams.  It has given us a CHANCE!

So now when I write, I’m not distracted trying to write to impress an agent.

Anyone want to buy the books I bought on how to write a query letter? If there was anything I feared, it was my novel having been created through sweat and tears gathering dust (or kept bottled up for centuries like a genie on a flash drive) and relying on a one page letter to an agent for it to come to life.

Slush pile — is the delicate word they use to describe our pleas to read our work.
And they MIGHT get back to us. I could never understand how with email and the SEND button, why agents can’t get back to EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR with an answer. It gives us CLOSURE, which can be peaceful even if it is a rejection.

Anyway, Amazon has opened opportunities for writers and readers alike. I have bought so many books at low prices. I appreciate that. Amazon is likely looking out for its customers. That has been the business model that has made it successful.

So … that’s my take. The gist of it is, whichever side (Hachette or Amazon) puts both writers and readers first in terms of compensation plus wide exposure of their books and reasonable sales prices, respectively is who I’d vote for.




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