It’s okay, Celine.


Yesterday (Tuesday night), my mom and I spent hours into the night first purchasing our tickets to Las Vegas then going to the Caesar’s Palace website (then Ticket Master) to buy tickets for a Céline Dion concert this winter.

My mother had seen available tickets earlier in the day, but she waited for me to get off work (which is usually late at night).  She had said there were only a few seats left, the more expensive seats.  Later the same day when we checked, they were sold out not only the date we wanted, but through March.

This next morning (today Wednesday) I eagerly called the Caesar’s Palace Box Office, the place where she actually performs,  as soon as they opened and I asked, “are you all selling Céline Dion tickets?”

The guest services woman responded, “yes ma’am we do.”

After my long night of research and lack of clarity, I had to get technical.  “But are you selling them?” I asked.  (In my defense,  I thought she knew of the SOLD OUT status on their website).

She developed a slight attitude with me.  “We do sell Céline Dion tickets, ma’am.  May I help you!”

Keeping up with my intent, I responded, “Again, I’m not asking if you sell them, I know you sell them, I am asking ‘are you selling them?’

She still didn’t understand, so I guess she thought she was going to win this semantics battle and said, “Ma’am, is there a particular date you’re interested in.”

I gave her the date in December, actually hoping I was wrong and she was right.

I heard silence, but imagined the pecking and clicking of her keyboard and mouse she must have been doing.  After a couple of minutes, she said, “hmm.”

I imagined more pecking and clicking, and for a minute my ego toyed whether it would be more delightful to get the tickets or to have her realize my initial question in its exactness was valid.

She finally said, “I don’t know what’s going on here, it’s even not letting me in to see what Céline had open . . . wait, my supervisor here is saying he just got a message and he is just now reading it.  It looks like the shows might be canceled.  He didn’t know for sure, he just got the notice and needed to read it in it’s entirety and I would need to call back in 10 minutes.

During my lunch hour today, I  confirmed by calling back -, the shows were all cancelled.

During my dinner hour today, I saw the official announcement on AOL-  the unfortunate news about her husband, René Angélil  suffering from cancer.

She gives of herself to her fans every week and now must devote her time to him.  So from a fan’s perspective, entertainment always takes a back seat to the basics of our life experiences.  My heart goes out to them during this time.



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  1. That sucks. At least you found out well in advance instead of at the last minute, when the disappointment is worse. That’s an amusing exchange with the guest services person.

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