My 2014 September 11th Remembrance


A repeat of a post I wrote 2 years ago, I don’t think I can describe better.  Now it’s 9/11 again and again I am taken aback by what the people in Manhattan had endured.  Below is an excerpt:

. . . before when I would see footage of the smoking towers, I would just see these tall structures on fire with pieces of it flying around like paper.

Now what I really see when I watch the towers smoking are the people that are inside.  I imagine the fear, confusion and chaos they must have felt.  The desperation they must have had for rescuers to come and save them.   I imagine the passengers who were on those planes now being  inside that building, their precious selves already taken away from their families.

I see the few police vans and fire trucks speeding to a scene that far outweighs their capacity to handle.  I see the people who got out of the building who were hurt.   I see people going upstairs from a lower level in one of the towers to exit out, taking their precious time, not realizing the close brush with death that they have, soon to be realized.

They are all heros, including the survivors.  They all endured first hand what was meant to affect the entire country.

I use this day to remind myself to be respectful of others, not to be selfish and not to dwell on petty things.  Time is of essence somehow is also derived from that experience.  I needed a refresher.

Thanks for reading



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