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The Airport . . . (from Life IS a Fairytale)

October 7, 2012

(suitable for adults only)  DRAFT Eddie walked through the sliding doors rolling his travel bag behind him.  He  pulled open the rear car door and tossed his two bags onto the backseat.   Before Cerise could get it for him, he pulled open the front passenger door and quickly got in next to her.  She shifted… Read More ›

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My First Completed EbookNovember 11th, 2013
I will put my first Ebook on Amazon

The Background: Swamp Scene in Avoyelles Parish

The scene is a swamp in Louisiana, my home state. It is also the setting of my beloved story that I will finish one day, even if I have to take it up to Heaven in a folder with a pen. God would say, "you're still carrying around that thing?" I would nod my head and give him a humble blink, my pen and paper in hand. He would then ask, "so how are you going to get it to your audience when you're done?" I would gulp and give him another humble blink. Then I'd look down at my work and a grin would grow on my face . . . (you won't get it until after you read my book, once I do finish it. . .)