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Pull Myself Together

September 6, 2014

So here I am wallowing in self-pity when I really shouldn’t be.  There are worse things.  I know that.  One of the worse things that can happen to a writer is to lose files.  Well, to have unretrievable files, the file title is right there in my face. I was just feeling more creative than… Read More ›

It’s okay, Celine.

Yesterday (Tuesday night), my mom and I spent hours into the night first purchasing our tickets to Las Vegas then going to the Caesar’s Palace website (then Ticket Master) to buy tickets for a Céline Dion concert this winter. My mother had seen available tickets earlier in the day, but she waited for me to get off work… Read More ›

Loss of Robin Williams

The media is making a big deal about the loss of Robin Williams.  I’m an avid watcher of the 1st 20 minutes of the TODAY show and they are dedicating the show to him.  They didn’t even introduce other stories, the announcement was made immediately, and here it is 11 minutes in, and they are… Read More ›

What is it about Shaquille?

If I ever had a product to market, guess who would be my spokesperson? Shaquille O’Neal. I don’t know what it is about him and his commercials, but whatever commercial he does, he gets my undivided attention — even on the fourth or fifth rerun of a commercial. First it was the Buick car commercial,… Read More ›

Close Call . . . Again!

That Highway 6! Now last time this kind of thing happened I had just missed hitting a man crossing the highway in a wheelchair. That was about a year ago. This time (like last time), I was minding my own business paying attention to the road, probably going 60 MPH which was the speed limit… Read More ›

A Lesson in Pleasantries

Yesterday,  as I was a passenger on a plane from Dallas to Baton Rouge, I sat staring out the window at nothing.  My mind was consumed with thoughts- a new one every few seconds.  I usually take on the preference of aloofness and self-absorption when I am on a plane rather than the agonizing small… Read More ›

Me Stupid

I was doing my brief morning relaxing, watching an old episode of Gilligan’s Island while I ate my breakfast.  After I was done, I lay back slightly propped up on my pillow.  I saw my kitten had brought his toy and place it near me.  I picked it up and lay it on my upper… Read More ›

I Ain’t Going Nowhere, You Got It?

Look, I’ve been several years in the making.  While you’ve been out there indulging in all kinds of  juicy fat crap you must realize your body cannot handle,  I  (let me repeat)  I was the one who took on the job of storing that stuff. You’re 45 now.  Your slim and trim body is no… Read More ›

Fighting Sleep

I’m yawning, WIDELY, so widely I could break the hinge of my jaw.  At the peak of the yawn, the pressure in my ears increase to where my eardrums are probably bulging.  The yawn is released, and tears roll down my cheeks.  My eyelids feel heavy.  My speech is slowing.  I’m rolling my head side… Read More ›

Only Gravity

I’m fascinated from time to time with gravity.  You know those times when you’ve got nothing better to do (well, actually you do but you don’t feel like being bothered with it) so you sit there and think about phenomena?  Just me?   You know things like why are we here, i.e.  what’s the purpose of… Read More ›

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Writing Goals

My First Completed EbookNovember 11th, 2013
I will put my first Ebook on Amazon

The Background: Swamp Scene in Avoyelles Parish

The scene is a swamp in Louisiana, my home state. It is also the setting of my beloved story that I will finish one day, even if I have to take it up to Heaven in a folder with a pen. God would say, "you're still carrying around that thing?" I would nod my head and give him a humble blink, my pen and paper in hand. He would then ask, "so how are you going to get it to your audience when you're done?" I would gulp and give him another humble blink. Then I'd look down at my work and a grin would grow on my face . . . (you won't get it until after you read my book, once I do finish it. . .)