The Call (from Life IS a Fairytale…)

(Note: Suitable for adults only)  Note:  This is a first draft, so pardon the parentheses throughout.

“Hello”  (a jovial hello with faint music)


“Yeah” (clanking of glasses, plus background noises of voices and music).

“It’s me, Cerise.”

“Hey . . .  sweetheart, what’s going on?  Long time no see.  Haven’t talked to you in awhile.”

“Right.”  She wasn’t a bit moved.  She had been fine with writing him off as a sleazy and no-good.  She brushed off his male swagger.   “I need to talk to you.”

“What’s up?”  (more clanking sounds)

“Eddie, I got a phone call from someone,”

Silence, then he answers.  “From who?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“What?  Well, what did they want?”  (He burps).  “Excuse me, darling.”

“He was one of those people.  He belongs to that group .  .  . like the two men who attacked us.”


She frowned then snapped in a terse voice, “one of those people, Eddie, one of those people.”

“You’re fucking  kidding . . . called you for what?”

“He said I’ve got some ‘thing‘ of theirs.  Either I have it or you have it.   And they want it back.”

(Eddie deep breathes on the other end).  “That’s crazy.  Maybe it’s just someone fucking around with you, you know what we’ve been through. . . all that publicity.  You know better.”

“No.  This man was serious.  He was not joking.  And, he had an accent.”


“He said that I have one week to get whatever this thing is back to them, or -”

“Or what?”

“He said he’s going to hurt me . . . until he gets it.”  (Her voice cracks)  “I thought this was over.”

This is crazy,”  he mumbled under his breath.   “Look, Cerise, baby.  It is over.  Tell me.  Did he say anything else.”

She closed her eyes tightly.  “He says he’s gonna contact me in a week.  So, obviously he’s got my number and probably knows where I live.”


“Eddie, what am I going to do?  I don’t have anything of theirs.”

“Look, don’t worry.  I’m coming down there.  I’m going to fly to you today.”

“I said ‘he’ . . . I meant, ‘they‘.”


“He said they, they are coming for me.”

(Harsh sigh from him)  “Look, I’m on my way, alright.  And don’t you talk to no one, you hear me?  Have you talked to anyone?


“Yeah, don’t.  I’m on my way.  I’m going to order my flight now, and I’m coming to you.  You just hang tight.  I’ll call you from the plane.”

“Do you know what he’s talking about?”

“Just hang tight . . . okay? . . . (deep sighs) . . . hang tight!”



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    • I’m pleased to hear that and thanks for visiting my site. Although I wrote that chapter first, it’s not chapter one as I’m sure you could tell. I’ve been writing random scenes.
      Once I get time, I will put the chapters in order and I would be happy if you did read more.

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